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WiFi Coin Machine

Make money using your WiFi connection

You only need one internet line through the ethernet cable (RJ45) or a micro SIM card and a 110v electrical connection and ready. No query, username, or password is required. Simply touch your device, insert coins and get WiFi; The wifi coin machine is a compact WiFi device designed to help all home owners (for example, bedrooms, cafeterias, retail stores, chain stores) provide their visitors with an immediate self-service WiFi internet service through connection with xDSL / cable / fiber optic modem or 4G network (optional backup connection).

The device is plug-and-play and easy to install. And the owner can define the charge of WiFi Internet service and manage accounts through the website (optional). The end user only has to touch the phone in the scanning area of ​​the device, enable the WiFi connection on your mobile phone (or other Wi-Fi enabled device such as tablet / laptop), connect the hotspot of the wifi coin machine, and then the end the user can retrieve the phone and insert coins to buy the WiFi Internet service. The mobile phone can access the Internet.

Basic Functions

• Provide a WiFi signal range 100 meters (outdoor) / 30 meters (indoor);

• Offer self-service style of recharging WiFi service with coins;

• Provide mobile phone antenna recharge service (optional);

• Provide real-time information of duration and traffic online to ensure the benefits of the end user;

• Support the online measurement function to protect operator benefits;


• No consultation required, no username and no password required; simply touch the phone, insert coins and get WiFi;

• No need for supervision. Self-service is the method of work to save labor costs;

• Excellent ability to learn coins to recognize local currencies and discriminate against counterfeit coins;

• Plug-and-Play: only requires an electrical power supply (110v) and an Internet cable connection; no local configuration is required;

• Modular structure facilitates maintenance;

• Constructed of sturdy ABS plastic;• Puede montarse en la pared o en el escritorio;

• Roaming support between strings with the same account (optional);

• Supports automatic faults between the 4G network and the RJ45 connection (optional)

• WiFi Radio range up to 100 meters (outdoor) / 30 meters (indoor)

• Compatible device to accept any mobile phone compatible with WiFi, tablet, laptop, PSP, PDA, etc.

• Housing material: ABS plastic

• WAN interface: 1x RJ45 port or built-in 4G USB modem (optional)

• Antennas: 1x WiFi (built-in) or 1x 4G (optional, built-in USB modem)

• LCD: 4 lines, 128X64 pixels, supported backlight, shock resistance ≥ 4.000N

• Dimensions: 350mm X 270mm X 200mm

• Weight: 4 kg

• Packaging dimensions: 430mm X 320mm x 240mm

• Shipping weight: 4.4 kg