Hampton Roads GSA, LLC.    

  PanAmerican Debt Management Services, LLC. 


Pan American Debt management Services, LLC; don’t charge our clients until we deliver results, we guarantee to sell your products or collect any debt payments.

Our Import/Export Management Services operates on a commission fee of about 8.85% (percent) of the total sale; this fee is based on the product cost from the manufacturer.

For our Debt Collection Services we use "No Collection - No Fee" basis for charging. We use “skip tracing”, and we have several databases that allow us to locate a debtor who has left no forwarding address. We also provide service as a "debt buyers". We purchase the debts directly from creditors for a percentage of the value of the debt. Our commission fee of about 14.95% (percent) of the total payment of an individual account.

For our Call Center Services we operate on a fixed operating monthly fee of 500.00 dollars.